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Jul 28
GALORIOUS Magic Tricks: How Neighbors Are Magically Turning THIS into THAT!

In the 10 days since launch of the Galora-Sharing site, much more than food has…

Jul 28
A Soulful Saturday

Andrea’s Garden Saturday was turning out to be a great day; the kind of day that…

Jul 27
News Break: Galora Fosters Homegrown Food Sharing

This article was originally posted here, on Newsbreak. Los Angeles, CA—Recently…

Jul 27
Need For (Milk)Weed: Why Is Milkweed So Important?

Why you should keep the milkweed in your garden, or plant more!

Jul 27
Your Stories: Chefbotanist

It has been a really enjoyable experience seeing people add listings to our community…

Jul 26
How to make your garden more sustainable: Nitrogen fixers, compost, and crop rotation

A Fixer is Worth a Thousand Words: Why nitrogen fixing plants are a must have in any garden.

Jul 25
Find Your Farmer’s Market (Comprehsive LA List – working)

Name Phone  Email/Messenger  Contact Person Website  Twitter Instagram Santa Monica…

Jul 25
How to identify your garden’s soil type

Burning the Midnight Soil: How to determine what type of soil is in your garden.

Jul 24
Bad to the Zone: Knowing Your Hardiness Zone

When you are starting a garden or picking plants for your next harvest, knowing your…

Jul 24
Whole Foods Magazine: Galora Fosters Homegrown Food Sharing

This article was written by Kurtcia Collazo for Whole Foods Magazine and…