The Best Cool Season Growing Guide for Southern California!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share this guide that I was sent by Sorina. She is the creator of the guide and the founder of Sorina is an incredibly knowledgeable gardener, and she was also interviewed for our upcoming Galora documentary! You can find some of the pictures taken during that interview on our Instagram.

As we head into the cooler months of the year, I hope this guide is helpful for those of you in Southern California. Fortunately for those of us in this area, the growing season never really ends! There are plenty of great edible plants you can grow in the winter here, and this guide should help you choose which ones to plant.

The information used to create this guide was sourced from the San Diego Seed Company, the UC Cooperative Extension, and

Big thanks to Sorina for sending this to use, and you can reach her at or contact her on Instagram