Frequently asked questions

Why Is Local Food Better?

Locally grown, fresh food actually tastes like real food. Food grown locally is harvested when ripe and doesn’t have to be fumigated, refrigerated, or packaged for long-distance traveling or altered for long shelf-life. Unlike foods that travel long distances- fresh food isn’t artificially ripened. *Source

How do I get started?

Create an account, search near you on the map, and send messages!

Offer them something you would like to trade, or ask to buy.  When you have talked to them, you can agree on a place and time to meet. This is up to you!

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What kinds of things can I post?

You can post anything Homegrown, Homecooked, or even Skills/Talents. 


Homegrown: Fruits, veggies, Seedlings, Seeds, Eggs, Honey.

Homecooked: Breads, cookies, cakes, desserts, pastries, family recipes.

Handmade: Clothing, woodwork, decorations, ceramics, painting, artwork, macrame, sewing, pottery.

Skills: Yoga, Music, Dance, Tutoring, Cooking, Canning, Gardening, Fruit Picking, Haircuts.

-See Next Topic for more about Skill Sharing

Can I post a service or skill?

Yes! We love to see people sharing their talents and abilities, here are some ideas:

Skills to share:
Music, Tutoring, Cooking, Physical Therapy, Dog Walking, Hypnotism, Fruit Picking, Canning, Dehydrating, Yoga, Friendly Conversation, and more!

We recommend that you ALSO allow Trade offers.  This will encourage other members to offer you something in exchange for their first experience with you, or for a partial discount.
For Example: You offer yoga classes that typically cost $50. You could accept a bag of fruit, or a loaf of homemade bread in exchange for one Free Introductory Class, or a discount off the first class.  

RETURN CUSTOMERS: When you establish this friendly relationship with another member, it is highly likely they will become regular paying customers and you can build your business in a very fun and non-threatening way.


Do you have any tips for listing?

  • You may share, sell, or trade only homegrown and homemade items.
  • If you sell, please consider clicking the FOR TRADE Option also. This will encourage your neighbors to make you fun trade offers.
  • One post is sufficient, you do not need to repost.
  • If you have multiple pieces of the same type, one post is sufficient. For example, scarves or handmade jewelry.
  • Your posting will remain online and visible until you remove it.
  • When your item is no longer available, please go to MY LISTINGS to edit your post.
  • Please do not put any contact information in your post description, messages should go through the Galora messaging system.

What CANNOT be listed?

  • Anything illegal where you live.
  • Anything that is not Homegrown, Homemade, or Handmade.
  • Anything that is manufactured and mass produced.
  • Anything that is explosive (fireworks).

Why dont listings have posting dates on them?

At this time, listings do not automatically expire because most of the things being offered are going to be available every season (produce), or whenever requeste (baking, crafts).

If you are listing something that you would like to expire, please edit your listing to include the expiration date.

When do listings expire?

That’s a great question. We are soon to be adding a marker on listings that shows their season of availability.  But we recommend writing to as many people as possible, and just asking about their current availability. Because they might have something else that they would love to share with you!

What is a "Future Trade" or Non-Simultaneous Trade?

A NON-SIMULTANEOUS Trade means that you can give something now, even if the other person’s fruit or veggies are not ready yet. 

For example, you have lemons and you offer them to a neighbor for his Figs.  But his figs are not ready until september.  THATS OK! Give him the lemons, and when his figs come, he will remember to give them to you.  That is the way NATURE WORKS!  Not everything ripens at one time, so we need to adjust our expectations to align with the seasons.  Trades dont have to be simultaneous, we are hoping for long term relationships and the honor system!

Can Galora work anywhere?

Yes! Galora is designed to be wherever you are. If you do not see anyone sharing near you, then you can be the first. Create a listing for something you would like to share, and then invite friends. Post your listing on social media, text it by whats app, send it by email to everyone you know, and click here to send a direct invitation for friends and neighbors to join. 

Who started Galora?

The founders are Ryan Xavier and Chris Chin. Ryan is from Los Angeles, and Chris is based in Seattle. We are both committed to creating a sharing site that let’s neighbors help neighbors, and communities to become stronger and more self-sufficient. We believe that industrial food production is damaging our bodies, planet, and minds. By connecting neighbors to each other, we all become healthier, wealthier, and happier.  Learn more about them here.

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