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Galora is the Airbnb of Homegrown Food.

The hyper-local marketplace to buy, sell, and trade homegrown fruits, veggies, eggs, baking, and more. 


The Opportunity.

Galora will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on, giving the public a chance to buy shares of the company.  Current Galora members will be the first to have a chance to support the mission, and to become a part owner.  The minimum investment will be $150 and Galora is seeking a total investment of $1M to improve the platform, bring more members, spread to new cities, and implement monetization strategies.

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Incentives given to the earliest investors will increase the alloted shares.


  • Tap into the 11.5bn pounds of homegrown food that is wasted each year, valued at $27.5Bn (thats’s alot of waste!)
  • Empower 48M US home gardeners to sell or trade with neighbors.
  • Empower 150M US home bakers to sell or trade their baking.
  • Make local food easy to access for everyone.
  • Reduce our dependence on industrial agriculture, long distance shipping, and plastic packaging.

Product Roadmap

  • Rebuild the app/site: Hire a technical team of web and app developers to create the worlds best homegrown sharing app.
  • Marketing: Hire a marketing team to drive user acquistion in Los Angeles with traditional, digital, and event marketing.
  • Expansion: Repeat marketing and growth strategy in San Diego, San Jose, Austin Texas, and Hawaii.
  • Serve the Underserved: Create a network of community food drop points where the disadvantaged can find free food.
  • Initiate Delivery Services: Develop 3rd Party delivery logistics to move homegrown foods between neighbors.

Why we are different

A new way to access local goods, reduce food waste, and meet like-minded neighbors. Members have several ways to participate with options to buy, sell, trade, or give away homegrown/homemade goods.

Public / Environmental Impact

  • Create the first marketplace that fosters hyper-local community resilience
  • End the shameful waste of backyard produce and household foods
  • Provide equitable access to costly organic food
  • Help save the planet from the heavy toll of shipping and packaging

The road to profitability 

  • Allow small farms to sell their goods directly to the public
  • Give hobby bakers and growers the ability to monetize their talents
  • Give local businesses a way to promote their services at the hyper local level.

What can you do?  

If you believe in our vision of creating stronger, healthier, and more sustainable communities, we want to hear from you.

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