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What we do

Galora is a neighborhood marketplace where you can buy, sell or trade homegrown and homemade goods. We provide a fast, fun, affordable way to get fresh, local goods.

Why we do it

Every year, 11.5 billion pounds of homegrown food is wasted in US gardens and food travels an average of 1500 miles to get to our plates. Galora could help communities reduce the impact of covid-related isolation, and the negative health and environmental impacts of industrialized food production.  Galora addresses these issues by connecting neighbors to what’s already in their community – from foods, to crafts, to skills. 

How it started and evolved

Launched from a typical LA backyard, Galora started as a way to share excess homegrown fruit with neighbors before it spoiled. Users have pushed us far beyond the idea of just fruit, now sharing their homemade breads, crafts, and skills.


We create a new way to access local goods, reduce food waste, and meet-up with like-minded neighbors. Instead of traditional buyer/seller roles, Galora provides users with more ways to participate with options to trade or give away goods. Our users have tried sites like FB and Nextdoor, but tell us they prefer our ease of use, homegrown selection, focus on sustainability. 

The Galora Vision

  • Create the first marketplace that fosters hyper-local community resilience
  • End the shameful waste of backyard produce and household foods
  • Provide equitable access to costly organic food
  • Encourage neighbors to invest and share in their community
  • Help save the planet from the heavy toll of shipping and packaging
  • Allow small farms to sell their goods directly to the public
  • Give hobby bakers and growers the ability to monetize their talents
  • Give local businesses a way to promote their services at the hyper local level.

What can you do?  

If you believe in our vision of creating stronger, healthier, and more sustainable communities, we want to hear from you.

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