Why Labor Day is a Health-Conscious Holiday!


I just learned something! Did you know that labor day is 134 years old?  Yep, Oregon was the first state to make it an official holiday back in 1887!

At first, the holiday was about improving the working conditions of American laborers, but over the years, the three day weekend slowly lost its historical significance and today, most folks just look forward to Labor Day as an excuse to spend time outdoors with friends and family. 

It’s all about getting out!

Typically Labor Day means cook-outs, camping, parades, fishing, boating, and maybe a final visit to the lake or beach before summer is officially over and kids go back to school.  Basically, anything that can be done outside and in good company is fair game.

It makes perfect sense that getting outside is how most of us choose to celebrate, because even if it’s not intentional, there are so many health benefits that come from stepping into nature.

US National Park Service research shows that time in nature can make you:

Smarter: Just 20 minutes in nature improves concentration and reduces the need for ADHD and ADD medications in children.
Healthier: Listening to birdsongs and observing animals in nature have been shown to promote wellbeing, reduce stress, improve mood, and reduce attention fatigue. Natural aromas from wood and plants have calming effects and viewing nature reduces mental fatigue.
Heal the soul and body.
Happier: 5 minutes walking in nature improves mood, self-esteem, and relaxation. Frequent exposure to nature reduces anxiety and depression, while promoting a sense of wellbeing and fulfillment.
More Productive Physical activity in a green space can improve cognitive control, short and long-term memory and overall brain function. Children who walk 20 minutes in a park concentrate in school longer and have better participation.
Good for all ages.

More Inspiring Facts: 

  • Exercising in nature leads to greater health benefits than performing the same activity indoors.
  • Views of nature at work or school increase direct attention.
  • Living within 1/2 mile of a green space decreases mental distress and anxiety.
  • The quiet of nature increases quality conversations, preventing diseases like dementia.
We need a daily dose of nature to thrive.
The idea behind Galora is to make it possible to have healthy interactions with food and neighbors on the daily, not just on holidays. 
Begin Your Galora Journey

When you go to a Galora neighbors’ house and walk through her garden, or pick fruit from his tree, or have a conversation with them on the lawn, you are doing something HEALTHY!

It is not just the quality of the food that is better for you (and it is), it is also the experience itself.

I was waiting in line at the grocery store today, just listening to the monotonous beep-beep of the checkout scanner, and I suddenly realized that I felt really depressed.  No one was talking like friends, it didnt smell like a garden, instead it smelled like hand sanitizer and magazines. It felt like I was at the hospital waiting for bad news. That is not what the experience of food is supposed to be and it was not a healthy moment for my mind.

Is this the best we can do?

I know that I can’t avoid the grocery store entirely, or raise organic cows in my backyard, but I CAN spend more time doing what feels right.  My many experiences meeting Galora members and chatting calmly in their yards, under the sun, or the shade of a fruit tree, do feel healthy and they do make me happy.

From these meetings, I have received wonderful fruits, veggies, herbs, eggs, honey, breads, kombuchas, and more but that’s not all… I have walked away with a sense of well being and humanity. The grocery store will never do that, no matter how hard they try to make it look like a farmstand. 

Have a great time this weekend, but remember that the good vibes are not coming from the drink in your hand, instead it’s probably because you are outside and enjoying the company of others.

That is what Galora is all about, and the app is here every day to give you the same amazing feeling (without the hangover).

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Ryan Xavier
Galora Founder

Share the Good Vibes
A delicious world awaits.


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