Adam Weiss

Expert Gardening Coach

About Me

Hi, I’m Adam Weiss! I am the founder of Pike Lane Gardens, and I have been growing food organically for most of my life. I have been a contributing editor for Men’s Journal Magazine and I also teach courses on organic gardening from my home in Woodstock, NY. 

I love bonding with people who like good food and gardening as much as I do! Whether it’s boxes of lettuces and herbs on your terrace, or a selection of heirloom tomatoes in raised beds, I will provide you with the tools to become a successful organic grower!

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Join my Upcoming Workshop!


On February 6th I will be hosting a FREE workshop about selecting and purchasing vegetable seeds for indoor growing. I will offer resources and advice, followed by a Q&A session where I will answer any questions you have about getting this year's vegetable garden prepared. By the end of this orientation, you'll have learned how to place your order, determine what plants you will start indoors & be ready to purchase the appropriate equipment for indoor seed propagation.

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