Christine Tringali

Food Forager and Syrup Maker

About Me

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Hi I’m Christine! I moved to SoCal from Maryland a little over three years ago with nothing except a small bit of savings. I soon found myself smitten with the mountains, deserts, and ocean vistas, so I have worked hard to stay. I got more into foraging when the pandemic hit, and have used it to combine my love of being out in nature with my love of baking and cooking.

I would love to provide you with tips and advice on foraging! There are so many things that you can make with foraged ingredients. 

My Feed

My Website (forthcoming!)

Covid and quarantine has really opened my eyes. After losing my job, I started to think more seriously about how I can turn what I love into a career. I recently purchased a website domain with a friend to sell homemade goods on. It is still being set up, but we hope to have it up and running very soon!

My Galora Offering


Kumquat, Cherry Plum and Rose Water Dessert Syrup ($ or Trade) 🥇Galora 1st🥇

Since Covid I have rediscovered my passion for cooking. I discovered foraging, and how to use wild plants for remedies and cooking. There is something truly magical about using ingredients that you foraged from the wild yourself, or ones that come from neighbors gardens! They have more heart and soul to them. I am here because I am currently unemployed and ready to start my own business! I have made several different syrups that are all available here on Galora!

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