Jaype Sanchez

Urban Gardening Expert

About Me

I have spent my whole life farming, so naturally I love sharing food with others and seeing the joy that it brings. I have worked as a professional in the health and wellness industry for many years, which has opened up numerous opportunities for me to learn more about food. I know firsthand the importance of community, and I am thankful for all the people who have taught me about food throughout my life. In that spirit, I want to share what I have learned and I look forward to connecting!

I will support you by answering whatever questions you have about watering, soil, sun, raised beds, pruning, fertilizers, when to plant, pest control, and anything else that you may need help with.

The Niles Foundation

Jaype Niles Project

I am currently a consultant to The Niles Foundation which is a non-profit that has 4 garden boxes at the Seeds of Carver Urban Farm. The food grown in these boxes is dedicated for families in need within the community. The foundation does incredible work in helping alleviate food insecurity in the area, and I am proud to be involved in it. Press the link below if you would like to know more or make a donation to the organization!

My Galora Offering

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SUPER GALORIAN: First Coaching on Galora, in Los Angeles, and in California. First Service Listing in Los Angeles. I am offering my virtual urban farming coaching services for trade to the community. SHARING OPTIONS: I also have food to share as well and happy to make a trade.

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