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Hi, I’m Sonya! I am the founder and CEO of the Bullock Garden Project. I am incredibly passionate about gardening and education. I feel that gardening is empowering for children and adults alike, and that it can inspire people to be more conscious of how they interact with the earth. My ultimate goal is to see garden-based education used to eliminate food insecurity. I would like to help you learn how to get better in the garden, and to appreciate the importance of gardening as a tool for education and empowerment!

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Bullock Garden Project

The Bullock Garden Project is a non-profit I started in 2017 to help schools incorporate gardening into their education programs. Too many school districts don’t have the funding to start garden initiatives, which is tremendously unfortunate because gardening helps promote academic growth, an appreciation for health and nature, and sustainable living. Children also get the emotional benefits of improved confidence and self-esteem by having an opportunity to grow plants THEMSELVES. The gardens we build for schools are inexpensive to maintain, sustainable, and help address food insecurity for families with children. I am incredibly proud of the organization and of the people I work with. We have received several awards for our work, but I am always looking ahead to continue manifesting our mantra:
Plant Seeds, Grow Futures!

Work with me 1-on-1!


I offer one-on-one gardening guidance on my website. You can schedule an appointment with me and see my availability on an interactive calendar! If you are just starting a garden, or have been gardening for years, I can help elevate your gardening skills and answer any questions you have. If you enter the coupon code: GALORA at check-out you will receive 50% off! So schedule an appointment with me and let’s work together to make your garden great.

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