What’s new with Galora?

Hello Galorians! This is our first Galora Newsletter, and in this one I want to tell you about some of the egg-citing things happening on Galora!

Firstly, if you haven’t made your Share Post yet, make one today! We believe that everyone has something great to share that can bring a smile and save some cash (and the planet).

Even if you don’t grow anything, your skill could be in the kitchen, at a craft table, behind a computer, on a yoga mat, at the piano, or in front of a chalkboard.

So get sharing today, your neighbors want to know what excites you!

Galora has been growing quickly, but there is so much yet to do!:

Here are the biggest recent updates:

  • GALORA DOCUMENTARY FILM:  When I started talking to people about Galora a few months ago, I could not have predicted that we would be making a documentary for Amazon! Check out clips on our videos page, and let me know if you want to get involved!


  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We have created a public Instagram Account and Facebook where we are posting daily updates on our documentary, gardening info, and great listings from Galorians!


  • SPANISH SITE: We now have a Spanish version of the site para nuestros amigos!  Let your friends know that Galora is for everyone, Para Todos! We also have added a Spanish counterpart to our Instagram account called @galora_pueblo!


  • FREE MENTORS PROGRAM:  Coming soon is a new way to learn and benefit from the knowledge of experienced Galorians.  Garden Gurus, Killer Cooks, Hydroponic Tomato Tower Titans, and Pottery Practitioners, all this and more!  Have a skill? Reach out to us if you want to become a Galora Mentor and get more followers and subscribers.

As part of our upcoming Galora documentary, I have been interviewing active Galorians and I am loving their share-tales.

Today we are featuring a clip from our interview with Opal.  She was the first baker on Galora and she makes incredible Challah bread which she has been trading for fruit and veggies grown by people in her area.

Let me know if you want to be interviewed for the movie by emailing [email protected].

Let your friends know about Galora so they can share in the neighborhood fun and help the community grow!

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