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Oct 28
13 Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You in the Garden

These quotes will inspire you to keep growing, making, baking, and doing!

Sep 28
The Best Cool Season Growing Guide for Southern California!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share this guide that I was sent by Sorina. She is the…

Aug 05
What Varieties Of Plants Can You Grow In Autumn?

“Wherever you live, there is always something that you can plant and provide…

Aug 04
Which edible plants would grow best in your soil?

Joel Hitchens Starting a new garden can feel like a big undertaking, especially if you…

Aug 03
How to Create a Raised Bed Garden

A beginner's guide to creating your own raised bed garden.

Aug 01
SOULBOP’s Tips for Growing Cannabis in a Small Space

Soulbop provides his advice on home-growing cannabis.

Jul 30
How to save money on garden soil in Los Angeles

Growing in quality soil can be a financial barrier to people that want to start…

Jul 26
How to make your garden more sustainable: Nitrogen fixers, compost, and crop rotation

A Fixer is Worth a Thousand Words: Why nitrogen fixing plants are a must have in any garden.

Jul 25
How to identify your garden’s soil type

Burning the Midnight Soil: How to determine what type of soil is in your garden.

Jul 24
Bad to the Zone: Knowing Your Hardiness Zone

When you are starting a garden or picking plants for your next harvest, knowing your…