Category: Uniting Stories

Aug 08
How to make a healthy snack food: Bean Salad

If you are in a fix before a potluck or want a healthy thing to snack on for the next…

Aug 06
How to support Bakers Against Racism

Joel Hitchens: A brief description of the Bakers Against Racism hashtag.

Jul 31
Your Stories: Sharyl Beebes

One of the central missions of our site is to create a community. We want the people…

Jul 29
Galorious Firsts! The first in their category listings on Galora (old version)

It has been so exciting to see people connecting with each other through Galora. We…

Jul 28
GALORIOUS Magic Tricks: How Neighbors Are Magically Turning THIS into THAT!

In the 10 days since launch of the Galora-Sharing site, much more than food has…

Jul 28
A Soulful Saturday

Andrea’s Garden Saturday was turning out to be a great day; the kind of day that…

Jul 27
Your Stories: Chefbotanist

It has been a really enjoyable experience seeing people add listings to our community…