Culver City Neighbors Magazine: Saving Money and the Planet with Galora

This article was written by Ryan Xavier and published in Volume 3 issue 2 of the Culver City Neighbors Magazine.

Many of us have been doing an usual amount of walking lately in quantities that would have been unthinkable a year ago. If you are among those wearing out our sidewalks, maybe you have noticed the amazing backyard fruit trees and wondered why that great food hasn’t been picked. I know that a lot of us have, and for good reason, because in this time of need it is particularly sad
for anything to be wasted.

I have probably done a thousand laps of my Helms area and I could not ignore all of those trees or the questions that I was asking myself, so I decided to do something about it.

Have you heard about Galora-Sharing? If you have, maybe you found a Galora flyer on your doorknob or saw a post online announcing the free sharing website launched in July.

The premise of Galora is simple: TRADE anything you grow, make, or do.

That’s it! We sometimes see boxes of fruit left by generous property owners, but what if that owner could trade that fruit for a loaf of home- baked bread? What if you make a really good lasagna, Kombucha, or teach yoga and could trade for a bag of your neighbor’s avocados? That is what Galora-Sharing is about.

More than 2,000 Angelinos are already using the free site to share their extra backyard crops with each other, trading it for things they don’t grow themselves, or for things their neighbors MAKE or DO such as bread, cakes, crafts, and talents. Would you like your child to have a guitar lesson or practice a foreign language? You can do that now without spending money. Just bake the teacher a cake or give them a bag of your excess lemons.

Sign up for free, post something to share, and reach out to neighbor’s.

Let’s make Culver City a model for sharing and trading for the rest of the

city, country, and maybe the world!

Galora Founder, CEO, and Chief Share-Leader,

Ryan Xavier, is a lifelong Angelino who was born in Mexico City. Galora is about sharing / Instagram @galoralocal