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We're on a mission to share the bounty of your neighborhood.

Galora is all about sharing the wonderful fruits, veggies, plants, home-brews, handmade goods, wines, herbs, and general good vibes in our neighborhoods.

Ryan Xavier

Lifelong Angelino, born in Mexico City.  Loves travel and has met beautiful people from around the world and learned that the best things in life are the most simple.  Dreams of returning to a simpler time of community connections, neighborhood sharing, and real food FROM real people.  Founder of Cobblestone Paris Rentals, an apartment rental agency in Paris France. Covid impacted the business, and Ryan turned back to his grandmothers garden for inspiration, and there the seed of Galora was planted.

Christopher Chin

Co-Founder / Product
[email protected]

Hello from Seattle! I make Galora’s technology happen. I love building products that connect people in fun, unexpected ways. This is me in my garden. I wanna trade for your homegrown produce and goods!

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