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Oct 03
How to find all the Farmers Markets near you

Hi Galorians! If you are in looking for a Farmers Market near you, we hope these…

Dec 09
Galora in the neighborhood news.

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Nov 30
A Giving Tuesday That Will Last


Nov 30
Give Today, Give Everyday.

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Nov 20
Sharing Fresh Foods in the Neighborhood Marketplace.

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Nov 20
Buy Fresh Foods in the Neighborhood Marketplace.

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Aug 31
Celebrate National EAT OUTSIDE Day with Galora

A Holiday that GALORA can Support!!    It’s…

Aug 31
EASY Recipe for Eat Outside Day: Catalan, Pa Amb Tomaquet!

Catalan Pa amb tomaquet “Bread with Tomato” Recipe courtesy of Gabrielle  …

Apr 30
ABC7: Galora Feature. Despite some companies leaving, California set to remain as tech capital

This interview for ABC7 by Dustin Dorsey is available in full on the ABC7…

Apr 18
LA Times: How Angelenos are battling food insecurity by using hyperlocal apps to share their bounty

This article was written by Dakota Kim and is available in full on the Los Angeles…