Celebrate National EAT OUTSIDE Day with Galora

A Holiday that GALORA can Support!!  

 It’s International Eat Outside Day!!

For most of human history, people spent their days immersed in nature and gathered their food together.  It was hard work, taking most of the hours of the day, but the combined efforts of many individuals supported the group.  As the sun set, they would return to the camp and enjoy their meal together under the stars, surrounded by family, friends, music, dance, and storytelling.


ANSWER: Simple, because we need to be reminded.

Fresh Food, Family, Friends, That’s more like it!

As modern folks, most of us do all of our food “gathering” inside soul-less air conditioned superstores where you will never see a butterfly, meet a farmer, know the name of the chicken that laid the eggs, or have a meaningful conversation with anyone. 

Even worse, the food on the shelves is trucked in from far away, picked early, refrigerated or gassed, lost most of its nutrition en route, and is contaminated with innumerable toxins. That is not what our daily food experience should be like. 

QUESTION:  What harm comes from eating like this?

ANSWER: Plenty.

What it SHOULD look like to “go out and grab some tomatoes”.

In our culture, eating outside is reserved for holidays and vacations but if you stop to think about what it feels like to enjoy food out in the open, you might be surprised to remember a special moment in your life.  That’s what real food and nature do, they can imprint memories in our minds.

When I was a kid, I would go with my aunt (“Tieta” in Catalan) to the beach in Barcelona for a swim and snack on hot summer days. Still dripping from a swim in the cool Mediterranean, we would bite into a crusty baguette coated with olive oil, crushed tomato, and garlic (“Pa amb tomaquet“, in Catalan).  There was nothing more delicious, it tasted like sunshine and love.  Food is supposed to be like that every day, and I mean every day. 

When we are outside with family or friends, we appreciate every bite not just as food, but as an “experience”.  Most cultures would think this so obvious it doesn’t need to be said, but for us, sadly it does.

QUESTION:  I live in a city, what can I do about this?

ANSWER: Go, Galora.

My Tieta’s Catalan toast! Grab the recipe.

In honor of Eat Outside Day, let’s all find a way to get a little more outdoor time and natural food into our lives.  Not just today, but every day.

Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Find a table at an outdoor restaurant.
  • Throw a sheet down in a neighborhood park.
  • Find a shady spot under a tree in your own backyard.
  • Search near you on Galora for some homegrown food.

The goal of the Galora neighborhood marketplace is to provide a healthy alternative to store-bought fruits, veggies, eggs, and baking.  Galora can be the tool to activate a hyperlocal food chain that connects everyone to the food already near us. 

By getting onto the app, you can find someone offering homegrown food and go over to pick some up. Within minutes of picking, the food will be in your hands. You will often be greeted by the host themselves who will be happy to share their fruits, vegetables, homemade baking, and some pleasant conversation.

Help Launch the Movement
Galora members like Lara are growing tomatoes for your next picnic.

When we know where our food comes from and meet the person that made it, we get a little closer to our roots and something special happens. 

Let’s ditch the store, get some homegrown or homemade food from a nice neighbor, and take it outside today! (and every day after that).

Now put down the phone and Get Outside!


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