Now is the perfect time for your homegrown food


2020 will never sound the same in our collective memories. This time in our lives has, for each individual, brought a very unique experience and with it the possibility of an opportunity. 

Websites like have emerged to address a systemic problem we face on a global scale; food security, or better put food insecurity. What’s even more shocking is how dangerous some food is with all the chemicals being used to grow it and subsequently preserve it for the sake of a longer shelf life. 

As an urban farmer consultant, this pandemic inspired my passion of farming to a new height, fully knowing the influence and muscle power that California has on the world with its trillion dollar industrial food system. It ignited my purpose to take a stand as an advocate for changing our food system to support legalizing urban farming in California.

I love to help families create the space for their homegrown gardens. By growing chemical free food families improve their lives and community by reducing the demand for toxins used in growing large scale food operations. This act drives the food system change we need to create a healthy environment for all life to enjoy on earth.

Growing up as a child seeing tractors and watching airplanes spray poison over the food fields on my way to school I never realized how much that would negatively impact my health 25 years later. That’s why I’m taking a stand now. After years of eating chemical free foods, I have regained my health to optimal levels and I’m committed to supporting others along the way by planting gardens not lawns.

It’s now more important than ever to come together as humans of all ethnicities, beliefs, cultures and political views to celebrate eating chemical free food. With no affiliation to politics or skin color, I strongly believe now is a great opportunity to take a step back to grow from this pandemic. Explore how we can make a positive impact on the world with each other and recognize our shared humanity. We all depend on one another to make our lives work.

Let us take control and power with our hands to sow seeds of change, create abundance and let the land teach us life lessons. May we learn to live with one another in community and with the changing seasons of life. 

Remember, we’re ALL doing the best we can to simply live and simply living is the greatest gift we have to share. Enjoy a vine ripe warm tomato drizzled with salt under the summer sun and savor the gift of life we have which allows us the gift of taste. These, my friends, are the moments I live for and keep me wanting to wake up for another day to experience the garden of life we’re all creating! Will you join me in a garden near you to feel and have a taste of life with your own homegrown food?

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Cheers to your health, your pursuit of purpose and joy!

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Reforming the food system one garden at a time

I want to thank Jaype for contributing his skills to our community! You can see his listing here. He has food to trade and is also offering virtual garden coaching sessions, so be sure to reach out if you are interested in that! 


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