SideHusl: Galora as a Side Hustle for Gardeners

“If you’re contemplating a side hustle making bread, cookies or selling homemade jams, it’s worth a try.”

This article was originally written by Kathy Kristof and published in SideHusl. You can find the full article here, and her review of Galora here.

Side hustles for gardeners

Backyard gardeners can make a vegetable patch pay with a delightful new site called Galora. Galora is much like an early version of the Nextdoor app. However, instead of helping neighbors find lost dogs, Galora connects neighbors who might have enough homegrown apples or citrus fruit to share or trade.

The site also allows you to sell anything from your homegrown produce to the jams and jellies you make out of it. In fact, site leader Ryan Xavier says the site encourages members to share, sell or trade anything that’s homegrown, home cooked, or handmade. You can also market your skills here, he says,

In other words, if you bake bread or make meals, you can offer to sell these or trade them for, say, a neighbor’s legal services — or a yoga class. If you have excess produce, you can also list this for sale, or barter it for music lessons, tutoring or whatever else you might want to trade for on the platform. Of course, you can offer your tutoring, legal and personal training services for sale here too.

Members choose what to offer, whether to list it for sale, trade, or both. If cash changes hands, you arrange payments on your own. The site does not provide payment processing. 

Galora is theoretically available worldwide. However, the young site is strongest in California, Texas and Hawaii, where it has the most active members.